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M att Pierson (Laurence Adams) is in the cross hairs of middle age. Reeling from the guilt of a recent divorce and still embittered by the tragic deaths of his parents years ago, he finds himself wandering the self-help section of a local bookstore, searching for anything that might resemble meaning. That is until Josh (Jaime Johnson), a mysterious and eccentric fan of football and chocolate, enters the store and Matt’s life. Beginning with a simple cup of cocoa-rather, hot chocolate- Matt is reluctantly drawn into a conversation that will ultimately lead him to question all his assumptions about life and his place in the larger world around him.

T he Dealer Smiles is an oddity in the film universe. An inspirational comedy revolving around divorce, guilt and death. A journey without ever leaving a room. Offering questions without giving answers, theology without being religious, and philosophy without becoming… well, boring. It uses a healthy dose of humor to raise serious questions about faith, forgiveness, suffering, God, and yes, even hot chocolate.


"An especially smart, funny, sensitive and moving offering... I cannot tout it strongly enough."

- Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

"One of the finest philosophical discussions of God I've seen and heard."

-Rick Vale, Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church


"A delightful assimilation of profound thinking."

- audience member

"Is this gonna be a long show?"

- another audience member


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Matt Pierson

A man caught in the crosshairs of midde-age, struggling with divorce, loss, and the meaning of his life- and about to have it all turned upside down.


A guy who really knows chocolate... and maybe a little bit more.

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